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Speaker Series

HSR Collaborative Speaker Series

Cincinnati Children’s 2020 strategic plan mission aims to improve child health and transform delivery of care by fully integrating research, education and innovation. The Health Services Research Collaborative (HSRC) Speaker Series at Cincinnati Children’s provides an educational program featuring world-renowned researchers, faculty and business leaders sharing innovative ideas and concepts in health services research to be able to improve health outcomes for patients and families.  We continue to foster the development of relationships across public and private sectors in order to speed the translation of new ideas and evidence into practice.

Speakers & Topics

CME credit is available for some of these presentations.

  • Erin Holve, PhD, MPH, MPP, AcademyHealth, “Building the Electronic Clinical Data Infrastructure: Lessons Learned from Research and QI Networks,” 10/25/12, CME credit
  • John Brownstein, PhD, Children’s Hospital Boston, “Digital Disease Detection,” 10/9/12, CME credit
  • Jeffrey Hord, MD, Akron Children’s, “Hematology / Oncology Quality Collaborative Update,” 9/26/12, CME credit
  • Frank Davidoff, MD, MACP,IHI and Annals of Internal Medicine, “Is Improvement Science ‘Hard’ or ‘Soft’ – or Both?” 9/11/12, CME credit
  • Craig Thiele, MD,Care Source, “Innovation and Partnerships, an Ongoing Process,” 8/22/12, CME credit 
  • Linnea Polgreen, PhD, University of Iowa, “Specialists, Costs, and Outcomes: An Instrumental Variables Approach,” 7/31/12, CME credit 
  • Daniel Rockmore, PhD, Dartmouth College, “Health and Healthcare as a Science - An Interdisciplinary and Complex Systems Point of View,” 6/28/12 
  • Robert Grundmeier, MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “Implementing and Measuring Guideline-Based Care with Electronic Health Records,” 5/25/12 
  • Matthew Weinger, MD, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, “Creating a Career in Patient Safety,” 4/10/12 
  • Paul Miles, MD, FAAP, American Board of Pediatrics, “The Ascent of Quality: Physician Accountability and Professionalism,” 3/29/12 
  • Donald Goldmann, MD, IHI and Harvard University, “Improvement Science: Developing Evidence for What Works in the Real World,” 3/27/12 
  • C. Jason Wang, MD, PhD, Stanford University, “Technical and Delivery Innovations to Patient-Centered Care,” 3/14/12 
  • Philip Polgreen, MD, MPH,University of Iowa, “Computational Epidemiology: Applications for Disease Surveillance, Patient Safety, and Healthcare Delivery,” 3/9/12 
  • Lee M. Ritterband, PhD,University of Virginia Health System, “Use of the Internet in Delivering Behavioral and Psychosocial Interventions,” 2/23/12 
  • Catarina Kiefe, MD, PhD,University of Massachusetts, “The Broad Spectrum of Translational Research: What is it and Why Does it Matter?” 2/8/12 
  • Susannah Fox, PEW Internet Project, “How the Internet is Transforming Health Communications,” 1/24/12
  • Peter Szolovits, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Predictive Modeling in Intensive Care,” 12/14/11
  • Anmol Madan, PhD,and Sai Motmuru, PhD, Ginger.io, “Mobile Phones as Passive Patient Reported Outcome Sensors,” 11/18/11
  • Marcel Salathe, PhD,Pennsylvania State University, “Measuring Social Networks for Infectious Disease Dynamics: Wireless Sensor Networks and Online Social Media,” 11/15/11
  • Hal Sox, MD, Dartmouth Medical School, “Methods of Comparative Effectiveness Research,” 11/9/11 
  • David Grossman, MD, MPH,University of Washington, “Total Health – Value Based Approaches to Cost Sharing and Future Implications for Delivery Systems,” 10/4/11
  • David Dilts, PhD, MBA, CMA,Oregon Health and Science University, “Clinical Trials in America: An Ailing Canary in the Mine,” 9/16/11
  • Bryan Vartabedian, MD, FAAP,Texas Children’s Hospital, “Doctors, Patients and Social Media - At the Intersection of the Future,” 8/2/11 
  • Matthew M. Davis, MD, MAPP,University of Michigan, “Bringing the Public Voice to National Dialogue about Children’s Health and Health Policy,” 7/28/11
  • Karen Kuhlthau, MD, PhD,MassGeneral Hospital for Children, “Health Related Quality of Life in Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients,” 7/27/11

Speaker Spotlight

Perspectives on the Changing Healthcare System.  

Peter Holbrook, MD, founder of Discerning Health, Perspectives on the Changing Healthcare System

The Boston Children’s Hospital Center of Excellence for Pediatric Quality Measurement: An Overview.  

Mark Schuster, MD, PhD, the Boston Children’s Hospital Center of Excellence for Pediatric Quality Measurement: An Overview

Building the Clinical Data Infrastructure: Lessons Learned from Research and QI Networks.  

Erin Holve, PhD, MPH, Building the Clinical Data Infrastructure: Lessons Learned from Research and QI Networks

Is Improvement Science ‘Hard’ or ‘Soft’ – or Both?  

Frank Davidoff, MD, Is Improvement Science ‘Hard’ or ‘Soft’ – or Both?