We are a group of energetic and diverse scientists studying various aspects of skeletal muscle development and regeneration, cell-cell fusion, exercise-induced muscle adaptations, aging and muscular dystrophy.

The group tries to identify the factors that regulate cell-cell fusion, delineate their biochemical functions and biophysical properties associated with membrane coalescence, and ultimately translate that information to augment pathological conditions.

We are curious to find answers to these questions: 

  • How do muscle stem cells fuse to generate an adult muscle cell that contains multiple nuclei?
  • What needs to happen to muscle cell membranes to drive membrane fusion and muscle formation?
  • What is the purpose of muscle stem cell fusion during exercise and aging?
  • How do the hundreds of nuclei in a muscle cell regulate transcription?
  • Can novel therapeutic delivery vehicles be designed for skeletal muscle?

Our lab is also actively involved in the Neuromuscular Development Group. Our collaborations aim to accelerate research in the development and diseases of the neuromuscular system.