The Mattia Quattrocelli Lab investigates molecular mechanisms and translatable biomarkers in dysfunction and rescue of striated muscles. The lab aims at combining genetics, epigenetics, and metabolism to garner a deeper understanding of muscle physiology and pharmacology.

An important focus of the lab centers on “precision dosing” for glucocorticoid steroids in heart and muscle regulation. Glucocorticoids (dexamethasone, prednisone, deflazacort) are widely used immunosuppressants and they have a pervasive yet overlooked impact on metabolic homeostasis and striated muscle function. We are currently investigating how repetitive versus pulsatile regimens of these drugs remodel energy production and performance in several contexts of disease, including obesity, unhealthy aging, and heart failure. Moreover, we are leveraging the newly-discovered pharmacological mechanisms to expand the concept of precision dosing for these drugs to “chrono-pharmacology”. In this line of investigation, we are asking what are the circadian and molecular mechanisms governing steroid pharmacology and physiological response in striated muscles.

The overarching goal of the lab is to advance mechanistic understanding and applicable pharmacology to improve the health of heart and muscle.