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The primary focus of Dr. Kalin’s research is to understand the molecular signaling pathways and transcriptional regulation that control development of pulmonary fibrosis, chronic lung inflammation and lung carcinogenesis. Kalin’s laboratory is specifically interested in identifying critical regulatory interactions responsible for the cross-talk between alveolar type II epithelial cells and stromal cells during lung fibrosis and lung carcinogenesis with the long term goal to develop new therapies to treat chronic lung diseases.


Current Lab Funding

  • 1R01CA142724-01A1 (PI Kalin) NIH / NCI: Role of Foxm1 in Lung Cancer Microenvironment.
  • Department of Defense #PC080478 (PI Kalin): Transcriptional regulation of Prostate Cancer Initiation and Progression.
  • Concern Foundation (PI Kalin): Role of lung inflammation during lung carcinogenesis.


Contact Us

A photo of Tanya Kalin.

Tanya Kalin, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
UC Department of Pediatrics

Member, Pulmonary Biology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Mailing Address:
3333 Burnet Ave.
MLC 7009
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Phone: 513-803-1201
Email: tatiana.kalin@cchmc.org