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Digits-In-Noise (DIN) Study

Digits-In-Noise (DIN) Study

Digits in Noise.The digits-in-noise (DIN) test is an automated, self-administered hearing screening tool for detection of hearing loss. This project aims to increase sensitivity of the DIN test to different types and degrees of hearing loss using interaural antiphasic digit presentation and low-pass filtering of the noise at higher frequencies.

The low-pass filtered DIN test has also the potential to be used for detecting early signs of hearing loss known as extended high frequency hearing loss, impaired detection of sound above the 8 kHz limit of current audiological testing. This could in turn lead to timely and effective prevention and intervention approaches. In collaboration with the hearX company, we aim to develop the smartphone version of this test that would be a powerful tool for population-based screening.

We believe the enhanced functionality combined with smartphone delivery could make the DIN test suitable as a primary hearing screen that is accessible to a large global audience.

Collaborators and Funding

Collaborators: De Wet Swanepoel, AuD, PhD (University of Pretoria), Noah Silbert, PhD (University of Cincinnati)

Funding: NIH (R21DC016241) and CCH Research Foundation

Seminar (PDF): Remote Testing and Treatment of Hearing Impairment: In and Out of Africa

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