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Nutrition Therapy Research

Nutrition Therapy Research

Nutrition therapy research is a dynamic and growing field focused on researching how changes in diet (quantity, quality and method of nutrient intake) can help treat patients with a wide range of medical conditions.

Building a Nutrition Therapy Research Community

The program at Cincinnati Children’s is evolving to include nutrition researchers from many divisions including Gastroenterology, Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery, Neonatology, General and Community Pediatrics, the Heart Institute, Behavioral Medicine and Global Child Health. These talented nutrition researchers collaborate and share insights through a monthly seminars series, Nutrition Hot Topics. The goal of this budding community is to connect and generate productive, scientific interactions.

Current Research

Ardythe Morrow, PhD, is researching the impact of human milk and human milk components as medical food as well as researching the gut microbiota and its effects on health and nutrition. Projects include:

  • Testing donor human milk in young patients undergoing bone marrow transplant. This is a collaborative effort with Stella Davies, PhD.
mother breastfeeding.
Nutrition Therapy Research