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Speech Language Pathology Research

Speech-Language Pathology Research

The division of Speech-Language Pathology engages in research across multiple conditions that include voice and voice disorders, feeding and swallowing issues, resonance disorders and VPI, and speech/language disorders.

Current Research

Our current areas of research include the following:

  • Aerodigestive and Esophageal Center Outcomes Registry and Quality of Life study
  • Cleft Palate Center Outcomes Registry
  • Research on speech and hearing function in patients with 1p36 deletion
  • Longitudinal clinical study of Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome
  • Relationship of swallowing apneic pause duration and airway protection in pediatric patients and the relationship of lingual pressure, swallow acoustics, and apneic pause during swallowing in healthy participants
  • Telehealth to deliver voice therapy to children in their homes
  • Outcomes of voice therapy in children with vocal fold nodules
  • Speech outcomes of cleft palate repair and secondary surgery for VPI
  • Modeling of the velopharyngeal valve to study
  • Narrowing care gaps for early language delay
  • Language disorders in children with psychiatric diagnoses


Studying the Changing Voices of Male Singers

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