Focused Understanding of Nutrition & Fitness In Teens (FUN & FIT)

FUN & FIT is a six-week health education curriculum designed to promote the healthy eating and physical activity behaviors recommended by the Childhood Obesity Action Network. These evidence-based recommendations are based on review of the literature and were available in June 2007 from the combined efforts of the American Medical Association, US Centers for Disease Control and Health Promotion, and HRSA’s Expert Committee on the Assessment, Prevention and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity. The full committee report was published in a supplement to the December 2007 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics.

The recommendations for teens include:

  • Decrease screen time (time spent on television, computers) to two hours a day or fewer
  • No sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily
  • Be physically active an hour or more daily
  • Prepare more meals at home as a family, at least five to six times a week
  • Limit meals outside the home
  • Eat a healthy breakfast daily
  • Limit portion sizes
  • Involve the whole family in lifestyle changes

The six-session series is designed to improve  teens’:

  • Knowledge about basic nutrition and physical activity concepts
  • Attitudes about perceived importance of healthy eating and physical activity
  • Self-efficacy in overcoming barriers to healthy lifestyles
  • Behavioral habits related to healthy eating and physical activity

FUN & FIT Learning Objectives

The program is funded in part by the Ohio Department of Health, Child and Family Health Services Program (CFHS).  It is offered in schools, recreation centers, libraries, churches and other community settings for teens.