At the first Center for Better Health and Nutrition (CBHN) clinical visit, a medical provider will look for the underlying causes of weight gain and review any related health problems. Families will also meet with a HealthWorks! dietitian and exercise physiologist to begin developing an individualized plan to improve eating habits and be more physically active. The goal is to help participating children and teens achieve a healthier weight, become more fit and improve other obesity-related health concerns.

Meeting with a psychologist or social worker can be arranged at the family's request or as recommended by a CBHN healthcare provider. The psychologist can address mental health concerns, and also work with families to help them stay motivated and set goals for making lifestyle changes. In addition, a social worker is available to support families and link them to resources to help address their needs.  These additional services ensure families have access to care that addresses their physical and mental health as well as social needs.

After the initial appointment, follow-up visits will be scheduled regularly. In addition, families can participate in HealthWorks!, CBHN's weight management program for overweight and obese youth and their families. The HealthWorks! program provides the needed follow-up care and support for families to reach their nutrition and activity goals.

Treatment Approach

The CBHN serves overweight and obese children and teens with a body mass index (BMI) at the 85th percentile or above. BMI is used to determine if your child or teen is at a healthy weight for their age and height. 

Our approach to treating obesity is unique. We pull together experts from a wide range of specialties including:

As part of your child or teen's care plan, he or she, along with the rest of family, will receive nutrition counseling as well as fun, non-competitive group exercise classes and the opportunity to join our Fun2BFit program with the YMCA.

You can also check out our Healthy Living Series videos on YouTube for great tips on nutrition, physical activity, and healthy habits.