HealthWorks! is a family-based program at the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s for youth and adolescents of all ages who are overweight.

HealthWorks! is one of the first of its kind and is the cornerstone of the pioneering Center for Better Health and Nutrition, a national role model in combating childhood obesity that treats more than 500 patients annually.

HealthWorks! uses a variety of methods to help overweight children and teens – and their families – improve eating habits and become more physically active. The program is designed to work with the lifestyle and needs of the young person and the immediate family, helping them to set realistic, achievable goals.

In addition to promoting more physical activity, we emphasize making changes to the daily diet that include and promote healthier eating habits.

HealthWorks! methods include:

  • A comprehensive clinical evaluation by our multidisciplinary clinical team, which can include a physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian and an exercise specialist.
  • Individual nutrition counseling to establish a healthy eating pattern while lowering caloric intake
  • Promotion of a physically active lifestyle
  • Family-centered, behavioral approach
  • Group exercise sessions offered by age group (5-10 years and 11-19), five evenings a week, Monday through Friday.

Healthy Weight Is a Family Affair

To be the most successful in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, a young person needs the support and encouragement of family and caregivers. We include and involve parents and family members in our program as much as possible. 

How to Get a Referral to HealthWorks!

To evaluate your child in the HealthWorks! program, we must have a referral from your child’s healthcare provider.  Call us at 513-636-4305 with any questions or to schedule your initial appointment.