Fun, non-competitive group exercise classes are offered for youth in the HealthWorks! program. The classes focus on fitness, movement and skill development. Designed and led by our exercise staff, each 1-hour activity session can include:

    • Cardiovascular exercise
    • Strength training
    • Flexibility
    • Active play

The HealthWorks! exercise facility, conveniently located near the main hospital, is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet the needs of those participating in the program. Cardio and strength training machines combined with group exercise and active games provide the variety needed to keep both children and teens engaged and having fun. Classes are divided by age groups with sessions offered every weekday evening.

Group exercise classes for overweight and obese youth are also available in the community through the Fun2BFit program. Fun2BFit is offered at several YMCA locations in the Greater Cincinnati area. HealthWorks! has partnered with these YMCAs so the group exercise classes are similar to the ones offered at the HealthWorks! facility.

YMCA locations:

Families do not need to join the YMCA for their child to enroll in the Fun2BFit program. A referral from a medical provider stating that the child is overweight (BMI is at the 85th percentile or above for their age and gender) is needed. For referral questions, specific cost, class times and age ranges served, contact the partner YMCAs.

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