Better Health and Nutrition
Healthworks! Nutrition Program

Improving Health and Nutrition for Families

Registered dietitians provide nutrition counseling to help each child and teen improve their eating habits. In addition, our dietitians help families:

  • Set step-by-step goals to build healthy eating habits
  • Select eating plans to best fit lifestyles, including likes and dislikes
  • Work as a team to improve health and achieve healthier weight goals 

Eating Plans for the Family

During the first visit, a dietitian will learn about the patient and family's current eating style. Together, the family, patient and dietitian will choose an eating plan that meets their nutrition goals and family needs. Our proven eating plans adapt to meet the needs of all families.

Getting Started

Get started today! Follow these tips from our HealthWorks! experts to be mindful of healthy eating patterns:
Try to have MORE:      Try to have LESS   
     Fruits      Sugary drinks
     Vegetables      Sugary foods
     Whole grains      Processed, packaged foods
     Lean protein      Fast food
     Family dinners      Restaurant meals

Healthy Meal Ideas

Kick-start your family's healthy eating habits with tasty meal ideas!

More Physical Fun

Each 1-hour activity session within the Healthworks! Physical Activity Program includes cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility and active play. Read More