Our team of physicians uses a broad array of therapies, such as:

  • Proton therapy, which uses pencil beam scanning technology to destroy cancer cells, while minimizing damage to healthy organs and tissue 
  • “Shaped-beam” stereotactic radiation therapy, which delivers high doses of radiation using custom-shaped beams 
  • Advanced surgical tools, such as three-dimensional brain mapping and intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging that helps neurosurgeons locate and remove tumors, preserving critical areas of the brain
  • Access to clinical trials involving Phase 1 trials offered through national research consortiums as well as other protocols that are available only at Cincinnati Children’s
  • Genetic sequencing that allows us to individualize treatment plans based on a tumor’s genetic markers
  • Novel drug therapies, such as targeted small molecule anticancer agents and anti-angiogenic therapy regimens (designed to stop blood vessel growth to keep tumors from growing)