Cancer Survivorship Center
Treatments and Services

Childhood Cancer Survivorship Treatments and Services

Just like you might see a neurologist for headaches or an orthopedic surgeon for knee pain, if you had cancer treatments before age 18 you should seek specialized care.

That’s because providers who care for childhood cancer survivors—like those at Cincinnati Children’s—have a depth of experience that’s hard to find.

We understand how your pediatric treatments could someday affect your physical and mental health. And if you develop late effects such as infertility or heart problems, we’ll connect you with experts who can help.

Your Customized Care Plan

At the Cancer Survivorship Center, each of our patients follows a survivorship care plan.

Your unique plan is tailored to the type of cancer you had, the types of treatments you received and what age you received them. It helps ensure that you:

  • Know your chances of developing certain health issues related to your treatment even if your risk is low.
  • Understand how (and when) to screen for those issues.
  • Recognize which specialists can help you treat any complications if they occur.
  • Receive standardized, evidence-based care that’s proven to help you manage or overcome any health problems you may develop.
  • Have the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve optimal health and well-being.

You and your provider will review your care plan each year during your annual follow-up visit.

Helping Childhood Cancer Survivors Thrive

Using your survivorship care plan as a guide, we aim to help you maintain your long-term health and well-being.

In addition to providing personalized risk assessments, annual health screenings and referrals for any treatments you might need, we offer the following services to children and adults:

  • Access to genetic counseling and testing for families who are at risk for hereditary cancer (cancer that runs in families).
  • Help preventing or treating heart problems that may occur during or after cancer treatment, thanks to a partnership with Cincinnati Children’s cardio-oncology program.
  • Help transitioning young cancer survivors from their pediatrician to an adult primary care provider.
  • Opportunities to take advantage of fertility counseling and fertility preservation.  With services such as embryo freezing and sperm banking, the Comprehensive Fertility Care & Preservation Program makes it possible for children who have a high-risk of future infertility to someday start families of their own.
  • Opportunities to take part in research studies
  • Referrals to adult or pediatric neuropsychologists who can assess whether your cognitive (thinking) skills have been affected by your cancer treatments.
  • Referrals to social workers who can connect you with resources such as support groups or financial counseling.
  • Resources and education to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote strong mental health.
  • Strategies to help you maximize personal, academic or professional achievements at school or in the workplace.