The Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center (CCIC) provides the following lawnmower safety tips to help parents become better informed on injury prevention tips.

Why is lawn mower safety so important?

  • Lawn mower injuries can:
    • cause life changing injuries, both physical and emotional
    • be very painful and disfiguring
  • Following safety guidelines can save lives.

How common are lawn mower injuries?

Lawn Mower injuries are on the rise, up 3% since 2009.

Common causes of lawn mower injuries:

  • Contact with rotating blade
  • Being hit by flying objects
  • Overturning
  • Ride-on mowers running over person

Injury prevention tips:

  • Do not let children less than 12 years old operate any lawn mower.  For ride-on mowers, children should be at least 16 years old.
  • Never have passengers on ride-on mowers.
  • Keep young children at a safe distance from the area you are mowing.
  • Pick up stones, toys and debris from the lawn to prevent injuries from flying objects.
  • Use a mower with a control that stops it from moving forward if the handle is released.
  • Never pull backward or mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary - carefully look for others behind you when you do.
  • Always wear sturdy shoes while mowing - not sandals.
  • Always wear eye and hearing protection.

What kind of injury can happen?

  • Dislocated bones
  • Deep cuts
  • Arm, leg or genital amputation
  • Missing fingers or toes
  • Burns
  • Eye injuries

Treatment of lawn mower injuries:

  • Often requires a team of specialized doctors
  • Child may need multiple surgeries to repair the injury
  • May need therapy to help regain function to injured limb