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Patient Stories | Teddy and Physical & Occupational Therapy

Teddy's Journey: From Stroke to Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis to Walking on His Own

Video Transcript

Teddy Wilker had a stroke when he was in his mother's womb. It affected the part of his brain that controls muscles on the left side of his body resulting in weakness and abnormal muscle tone

Teddy’s motor skills, crawling, walking and use of his left hand, were delayed and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which was caused by the stroke.

Therapists started interventions to address the weakness on his left side and motor delays.

Treadmill training was used even before he could walk to help with motor skills. Research shows babies with cerebral palsy, who use treadmill therapy, walk sooner than those who don’t.

Therapists also used a treatment called constraint induced movement therapy, which forced Teddy to use his left hand and helped get him where he is today.

Thanks to his hard work, and the efforts of his physical and occupational therapists, Teddy now walks on his own and uses both hands to play and eat

Way to go Teddy!