Specialized Care for Complex Conditions

The Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) Center at Cincinnati Children’s uses an interdisciplinary approach with compassionate care to meet the complex needs of patients diagnosed with disorders of sex development.

We work with patients and families to provide an integrated, comprehensive plan for medical and / or surgical management of DSD. Our mission is to improve the medical and quality-of-life outcomes for patients. Our treatment and long-term management are focused on the physical and psychosocial well-being of patients and their families as they manage the sensitive issues related to DSD.

Our DSD team includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, genetic counselors and social workers from five specialties at Cincinnati Children’s:

Family-Centered Care

Our team works closely with families to provide excellent clinical care that is family-centered and respects the dignity and individuality of our patients.  We serve local, national and international families to provide: 

  • Initial diagnosis and assessment
  • Comprehensive, interdisciplinary care, with close communication among specialists in making treatment plans
  • Personalized medical, psychosocial and / or surgical treatment, and support services
  • Coordination of care (referrals, appointments, tests, treatment) in a single, convenient setting
  • Education and empowerment of patients and families to receive the best holistic care possible with optimal short- and long-term outcomes
  • Consideration of ethical issues for the patient and family