Emergency Services
Preparing for your Visit

Preparing for Your Visit with Emergency Services

When you come to the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s, be sure to bring:

  • Insurance card (preferably not a copy)
  • Identification (for example, a driver’s license)
  • Child’s social security number
  • Name and address of the child’s primary care provider
  • List of child’s allergies
  • Current list of child’s medications

Optional Items

  • Distraction materials for both you and the child
  • Light jacket or blanket due to possible temperature variances


  • If you come by ambulance and are discharged, make sure you have a ride home. The Emergency Department does not provide cab vouchers.
  • Remember to have a car seat brought to the hospital to transport a child home.

Important Note

Please do not allow your child to eat or drink anything before coming to the Emergency Department. Depending on the reason for the child’s visit, food or liquid could delay or prolong the visit.