End-stage Lung Failure Program
What to Expect

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What to Expect During a Consultation with the End-stage Lung Program

Learning your child has end-stage lung failure is overwhelming. We are here to offer hope. Our team of internationally renowned pulmonary specialists works with families and children just like yours. Children with complex, critical illness travel from around the world to meet with our experienced team. Some children may be waiting for a lung or heart-lung transplant, while others are hoping to recover from lung failure.

Whatever lies ahead, take comfort in knowing we’ll be by your side to help at every step –from making your child’s first consultation to traveling to our hospital for care, if needed.

Learn more about what you can expect during your visit to the End-stage Lung Failure Program at Cincinnati Children’s.

Requesting a Consult with the End-stage Lung Failure Program

Scheduling a consultation with the specialists your child needs should be easy. You can contact us directly or have your child’s doctor refer them to our program. We also accept urgent referrals or consultations through Physician Priority Link® (PPL).

Your Child’s Consult with the End-stage Lung Failure

We carefully and thoroughly evaluate each child individually. This allows us to create a personalized care plan based on your child’s specific needs and the most current research. Our goal is to help ease their symptoms, improve their health and explore all possible therapies available.

Our first step is to become familiar with your child and their past care. Here’s how:

  • We review your child’s full medical and surgical history before meeting with you, your child or your child’s current care team. This helps us establish background and understanding of the care your child has already received.
  • We assess and interpret past diagnostic testing, including biopsies and tests performed at other hospitals. These tests give us a clearer picture of your child’s disease, diagnosis and possible treatments.

Typically, after reviewing and discussing this information among our team, one of two options will be explored:

  • Consultation. We’ll work closely with you and your child’s care team to recommend and explore additional therapies that will lead to better outcomes. This allows your child to stay where they are currently receiving care. We become an additional partner on your child’s side – one available to answer questions, offer advice and provide reassurance.
  • Patient Transfer. Some children may benefit from coming to Cincinnati Children’s for care or a second opinion. If this approach is best for your child, we’ll schedule a telemedicine consultation with you, your child and their current care team to review our next steps, including transportation and treatment. We’ll also review what you can expect from our team when you’re here.

Traveling to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

We’ll help take the stress and guesswork out of traveling to our hospital if you’re coming from out of town. Concierge services is available to help arrange accommodations and transportation during your visit. We also have a very experienced and skilled Transport Team to safely bring severely ill children, including those on ECMO, to our hospital.

After Your Consult with the End-stage Lung Failure Program

We will continue to collaborate with your child’s care team if your child stays at their local hospital. If your child is traveling to Cincinnati, we’ll be in regular communication to share updates, travel plans and appointment times with our provider.