At the Cincinnati Children’s End-stage Lung Failure Program, we evaluate each patient individually. Your child will have a personalized care plan based on their specific needs and current research. Our aim is to help ease symptoms and improve your child’s health by exploring all possible therapies available.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation that includes the following:

  • Full medical and surgical history
  • Diagnostic testing interpretation, including tests and biopsies that were performed elsewhere
  • Consultation by our team for how we could collaborate with the care team at your institution to possibly try a new therapeutic strategy or for possible transfer to our program for care or for second opinion

Before transfer we hold a telemedicine consultation with the patient and/or family to ensure you understand our process and what to expect when you arrive.

Patients will be assessed and followed based on the needs of each child. Our goal is to partner with local hospitals, care providers and referring physicians in a way that leads to better outcomes and quality of life for the children and families we treat.

For those who are seriously ill, we can help facilitate care from afar, or discuss the possibility of arranging transport here. We regularly work with out-of-town families and have concierge services in place to help with travel and lodging.