Fetal Care Fellowships and Grand Rounds

Cincinnati Children’s Fetal Care Center offers a one-year fellowship in fetal therapy. Our Center currently has one of the highest volume of cases and is the only center with multi-institutional collaboration (Cincinnati Children's / University of Cincinnati Medical Center / Good Samaritan Hospital) including academic and community educational programs. In addition, we have the highest number of specialized mentors from multiple subspecialties, especially in pediatric surgery and maternal-fetal medicine. The fellow directly participates in imaging interpretations for patients, counseling, recommendations based on diagnosis, and communication with referring physicians. This is a fast-emerging subspecialty with significant increasing need nationally for physician trained in fetal surgery and therapy.

Areas of study will include but not limited to: 1) Fetal neurologic abnormalities including and not limited to hydrocephalus, cerebral aqueductal stenosis, agenesis of cerebellar vermis; 2) Facial abnormalities as cleft lip and palate, micrognathia; 3) Skeletal abnormalities; 4) Genetic syndromes diagnosed prenatally as osteogenesis imperfecta; 5) Lung diseases as congenital diaphragmatic hernia and CPAM; 6) Complex heart defect and syndromes; 7) Abdominal wall defects; 8) Urogenital abnormalities. 

How To Apply

The prerequisite for participating in this fellowship includes successful completion of 3 years of Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship.  The primary objective of this training program is to provide one year of additional clinical training focusing on fetal Intervention, pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative management of patients undergoing fetal interventions, including laser ablation for photocoagulation of placental anastomoses for twin-twin transfusion, fetal shunt placement for lower urinary tract obstruction, intrauterine transfusion for fetal anemia, and open and minimally invasive  maternal-fetal surgery for fetal spina bifida. 

To apply, contact Anne Riestenberg at anne.riestenberg@cchmc.org or 1-513-636-6259.

The Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center offers a one-month fellowship rotation in maternal-fetal medicine for maternal-fetal medicine fellows. During this rotation, MFM fellows gain specialized experience in the multidisciplinary, multimodal evaluation and treatment of pregnancies complicated by fetal abnormalities.

Clinical research opportunities are also available with this program.

How to Apply

The fellowship rotation in fetal therapeutics for maternal-fetal medicine program accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications for Ohio training licenses should be submitted at least 12 weeks in advance.

To apply, contact Anne Riestenberg at anne.riestenberg@cchmc.org or 1-513-636-6259.

The Fetal Care Center offers a one-year fellowship in fetal surgery.

The Fetal Care Center’s Fetal Surgery Fellowship offers fellows a comprehensive, 12-month course of training in complex fetal surgery and related care best practices. Fellows participate in all EXIT, fetoscopic and open fetal surgical cases, and participate in prenatal counseling and postnatal management. They acquire skills in interpreting prenatal ultrasound, MRI and echocardiography.

Fetal surgery fellows also have the opportunity to be involved in related clinical research. Fellows are expected to present at weekly Fetal Care Center conferences and participate in clinical research trials. Each fellow completes a research project in some aspect of prenatal diagnosis, fetal treatment or fetal surgery; projects should be of sufficient quality that they are worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Learn more details or apply for the fetal surgery fellowship.
Cincinnati Children’s offers a number of Grand Rounds to help improve patient care through professional education. View a list of online presentations or search by topic.

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For more information or to request an appointment, contact the Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center at 1-888-338-2559 or use our online form.

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