General and Community Pediatrics
Professional Education

Pediatric Training and Education

The Medical Education Section of the General and Community Pediatrics Division is responsible for the division's medical education of University of Cincinnati medical students, pediatric residents from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, residents from other residency programs (Family Medicine and combined programs), and division faculty and fellows.

General and Community Pediatrics Education Section Mission

The Mission of the Education Section of the Division of General and Community Pediatrics is to promote and model life-long, self-directed learning and education in the field of general pediatrics in an environment that values excellence, scholarship, integrity, respect, diversity, and collaboration. The educational goals are:

  1. To improve child health by training students, residents, and fellows in the principles and practice of pediatric primary care general pediatrics  
  2. To provide mentorship to  trainees and colleagues in the fields of general pediatrics and medical education 
  3. To validate current and new innovative educational methods with increased scholarship by promoting collaboration
  4. To enhance and expand the teaching skills of local and regional faculty through faculty development in teaching
  5. To augment the field of medical education nationally through the development and promotion of formal, post-graduate instruction in teaching skills

The General and Community Pediatrics Division's primary care sites provide resident education through continuity practice and outpatient ambulatory experiences. This training includes care of the well child, acutely ill child, and the chronically ill child requiring multi-disciplinary management and interactions with community agencies.

The General and Community Pediatrics Division also places approximately one fourth of incoming residents into community practices for their continuity primary care training, allowing residents the options of primary care training in a large hospital-based clinic, an urban clinic, or a community practice.

The General Inpatient Service provides general pediatric training to all Cincinnati Children's Pediatric and combined program residents and University of Cincinnati third-year medical students rotating. 

Activities, programs, and responsibilities of the medical education section include: