General and Community Pediatrics
Programs and Services

Programs and Services

We know your child’s healthcare needs are diverse and as unique as he or she is. The Division of General and Community Pediatrics provides a wide range of services and programs with this in mind. From assisting new mothers with breastfeeding to addressing social or legal issues that affect a child’s health, we provide the specific care needed to improve the lives of our patients and their families.
The Division of General and Community Pediatrics provides primary pediatric care for newborns to adolescents. We offer a range of outpatient services including routine checkups, treatment of minor illness, immunizations and care for behavioral problems, asthma and ADHD / ADD.
The members of the CHECK Foster Care Center are committed to providing comprehensive multidisciplinary care and support for children in foster care and their biological and foster families. In collaboration with Hamilton County Job & Family Services, our team will help you address your child’s medical issues during a time of transition while also providing education, training and support for the entire family.
The members of the Cincinnati Center for Breastfeeding Medicine are committed to helping mothers successfully breastfeed longer. Our team of certified lactation consultants serves as a one-stop resource for nursing mothers throughout the entire breastfeeding process.

The Pediatric Environmental Health and Lead Clinic offers care for children who are ill because of an exposure to a toxic substance in their environment. This clinic is affiliated with a national network of Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units that are supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The clinic is located at Cincinnati Children’s main hospital.

As a patient of the PEHSU, your child will be cared for by a team of pediatricians, occupational / environmental medicine physicians, toxicologists, social workers and nurses. We provide telephone consultations for health providers, public health agencies, communities and families regarding the health effects of toxic exposures in children.

Contact us at 513-803-3688.

Reading aloud to children is one of the most important activities parents can do to improve their children’s development, readiness for school and success with reading. Reach Out and Read is a national program dedicated to helping children and parents make reading a key part of their lives. The program helps make books available to parents and children through donations and book distribution. Participating physicians are trained to help parents establish good reading habits with children, and volunteers read aloud to children in our office waiting rooms.
Every day in the Pediatric Primary Care Center, doctors and social workers see patients with social and legal issues that adversely impact their health. These issues could be related to legal, social and economic challenges in children’s lives, and Cincinnati Child Health-Law Partnership (HeLP) aims to reduce these issues’ effects on child health. This medical-legal partnership trains physicians to best handle social and legal concerns, and provides families with information, advice and advocacy to overcome these challenges.

The Complex Care Center provides 24 / 7 inpatient and outpatient management of children and young adults with chronic and complex medical, developmental and mental health conditions. Our staff of highly skilled physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and nutritionists emphasize care coordination, advocacy and education to improve the quality of life for children and youth with special healthcare needs.

We understand that the family of a child with special needs faces a constant challenge. Finding the most up-to-date information on services and resources can be difficult and time-consuming. Cincinnati Children’s works to ease this challenge through its Ongoing Support Resources. This comprehensive collection of resources for the Southwest Ohio area is searchable through a convenient online directory. Explore the Ongoing Support Resources.

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