The Hemophilia Center offers extensive support for children and families. 

Cincinnati Children’s provides outpatient care for hemophilia patients through the Comprehensive Care Clinic. We also offer a Young Women with Bleeding Disorders Clinic.

Comprehensive Care Clinic

  • When: 1-5 pm Monday
  • Where: Location A, first floor, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

The Hemophilia Treatment Center at Cincinnati Children’s holds a weekly Comprehensive Care Clinic, providing extensive diagnostic services and ongoing medical care for patients with hemophilia. This clinic allows us to perform routine health evaluations, assess joint health, conduct periodic blood studies and answer any questions families may have. If necessary, we can schedule follow-up appointments outside of hemophilia clinic hours.

During clinic visits, children are seen by a hematologist, a nurse care manager, a dentist, a physical therapist, a genetic counselor and a social worker. A summary of the child’s medical visit is sent to the patient’s referring physician.

We take a comprehensive approach during clinic visits, including taking time to help patients address concerns such as how to be physically active, how to enjoy certain activities safely and which types of careers are best suited to people with hemophilia.

Comprehensive Care Clinic appointments are usually scheduled every six to 12 months. Patients with special issues, such as frequent joint bleeds, may need to be seen more frequently. 

Young Women with Bleeding Disorders Clinic

Cincinnati Children’s offers an expanded, comprehensive program to help diagnose and treat young women with bleeding disorders. The Young Women with Bleeding Disorders Clinic offers both hematology and pediatric and adolescent gynecology expertise in a single clinic to assist patients and families. This combined clinic allows for immediate collaboration between physicians and decreases the interval between diagnosis and treatment. We offer this comprehensive clinic monthly at our Burnet Campus and monthly at our Liberty Campus.