The key to improving outcomes for HLH patients is swift diagnosis.  If we can teach more emergency department doctors, family practitioners and pediatricians about how HLH presents in its early stages, we can save more lives.

The HLH Center of Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s will fund several key educational initiatives to reach large audiences: 

  • Professional lecture circuit
  • Publish articles in professional journals
  • HLH conference at Cincinnati Children’s for doctors and families

Another top priority for our center remains recruiting and training the next generation of HLH physicians and research pioneers. We intend to build this team by:

  • Encouraging fellows training in pediatric hematology / oncology to focus on HLH research
  • Competitively recruiting fellows with vested interests in treating and curing HLH
  • Providing educational sessions by regularly attending multiple annual professional society meetings

Additionally, we will partner with advocacy groups to enhance their awareness and outreach efforts. For more information, call 513-803-3872 or email us at