Research Studies

Discovery through innovative research is essential to developing the medical breakthroughs that improve outcomes for children with HLH. Currently, Cincinnati Children's is conducting many research studies that could change how we diagnosis and care for patients with HLH.

One such ongoing study explores the role of a new drug that blocks a protein involved in the uncontrolled inflammation of the disease. We invite you to read a presentation by one of our experts, Michael B. Jordan, MD, about this NI-0501 trial.

The physician scientists of our HLH Center focus on innovative basic and translational research with the ultimate goal of improving curative treatments for HLH. Some of our innovative work includes:

  • Development of an HLH gene chip
  • Preclinical studies of gene therapy in PRF1 deficiency

While we already have strong collaborations with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other HLH centers around the globe including China, Japan, Vietnam, Canada and Sweden, we plan to further extend our scientific collaborations to new centers worldwide.

We are also working to increase research funding for HLH through industry grants, additional NIH funding and philanthropic support.

Published Research

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