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Prospective two center study of CD38 bright CD8+ effector memory T-cells as a predictor of acute GVHD. Khandelwal, P; Chaturvedi, V; Owsley, E; Efebera, YA; Choe, H; Bostic, M; Kumchala, P; Rajgolikar, G; Ranganathan, P; Garzon, R; et al. Transplantation Reports. 2022; 7.

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NEJM: Emapalumab Clinical Trial Shows Positive Results Against HLH
Rare Diseases

NEJM: Emapalumab Clinical Trial Shows Positive Results Against HLH

Michael B. Jordan, MD5/7/2020

Breakthrough Therapy Improves Life for Children with LRBA Deficiency
Rare Diseases

Breakthrough Therapy Improves Life for Children with LRBA Deficiency

Michael B. Jordan, MD6/28/2019

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