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Our Home Care Infusion Therapy team provides quality, safe infusion therapy medications, supplies, and services for your child at home. We partner with your child’s doctor and clinic team to ensure the home infusion therapy plan is right for your child. We closely monitor your child’s treatment to make sure the medicine is working and make adjustments as need.

Our pediatric-trained pharmacists prepare your child’s medication on site, in our state-of-the-art Infusion Pharmacy within Cincinnati Children’s Home Care Pharmacy. We provide infusion therapy supplies and equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of pediatric patients, so medications can safely and effectively be given at home. Supplies and equipment include items needed to take care of the IV/port, infusion pumps, and the supplies needed to give the medications.

Your child’s care is our priority. We will give you the information and support you need so you can comfortably and confidently give your child’s medication at home.

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