The Hospital Medicine − Surgical Service provides inpatient care for surgical patients with complex medical conditions. Our service is designed to assist specialty surgical services with the management of medical issues for their patients. Our services include:

  • Medical consultation for patients on any surgical service
  • Co-management of medically complex patients undergoing surgery, including patients cared for by surgical subspecialists, such as orthopaedics, otolaryngology, urology and neurosurgery
  • Medical management of patients with certain conditions such as epidermolysis bullosa

Family-Centered Care

We deliver evidenced-based medicine in a family-centered environment. Our hospitalists in the Hospital Medicine Surgical Service believe that patients and their families are best served by fully involving them in the medical decision process. As a parent, you will be included every step of the way as we:

  • Conduct rounds in patient rooms
  • Have open discussions with families and surgical teams
  • Work with you on decisions about your child’s care

Admission Process

  • Hospital Medicine Surgical Service is primarily a consulting / co-management service. Ask your patient’s primary admitting physician if you think your child would benefit from a hospital medicine consult.