Why Choose Us?

At the Schubert-Martin Inflammatory Bowel Center, our team of IBD specialists is committed to helping children and teenagers achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life. Here are some reasons why families choose us for their care: 

  • Approximately 83 percent of our patients are in remission after three months of treatment.
  • We use steroid medications only when necessary. In fact, only five percent of our patients are on prednisone after three months of treatment.
  • Our experts come from multiple specialties and work together as a team to address each patient’s IBD from every angle.
  • Our team has established scientifically proven care guidelines to ensure our patients receive the most effective care possible. These guidelines set a standard of care that is evidence-based, efficient, family-centered and safe.
  • We help patients develop self-management skills so that they can live life to the fullest now and into adulthood. 
  • We partner with patients, families and referring physicians to identify opportunities for improvement in the way we care for patients.
  • We pursue non-surgical therapies before considering surgery. When surgery is necessary, we collaborate with our experienced surgical team to achieve the best outcome possible.
  • We participate in clinical research to further understand inflammatory bowel disease and identify novel treatment therapies. 
  • Cincinnati Children’s is a founding member of ImproveCareNow, a quality improvement and learning network. Today, ImproveCareNow includes more than 90 member institutions in the United States and Europe. 

Our Interdisciplinary Approach

One of our strengths is our diversity: our team members come together from multiple disciplines to address pediatric IBD issues. We are also privileged to partner with surgeons at Cincinnati Children’s who specialize in the correction of pediatric colorectal disorders. And since the best care is provided when primary care physicians and families partner with our specialists to make medical decisions, we work closely with referring physicians to plan comprehensive strategies for care.

Evidence-Based Care

Pediatric evidence-based care guidelines have been developed at Cincinnati Children's by a team of gastroenterologists, clinical effectiveness physicians, and evidence-based experts working together with patients and families. These guidelines are used by our care team and also help pediatricians provide the best possible care to inflammatory bowel disease patients. Our goal in developing them was to set a standard of care that is evidence-based, efficient, family-centered and safe.

Team Members

Our physicians are partnered with Registered Nurses who have vast experience in managing the care of children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease. This relationship provides patients and families with nursing care to assist in navigating the chronic illness journey.

Our team includes a psychologist with expertise in chronic illness and the specific stressors patients, parents and families may encounter. Meeting with the psychologist during times of stress or transition improves coping skills and increases quality of life.
Our Masters-prepared social worker provides patients and parents with support and guidance in dealing with school and work issues as well as identifying resources that are helpful in managing a chronic illness. Our social worker works closely with our adolescents to develop skills necessary for successful transition to adult care.
Growth and nutrition can often be impacted by inflammatory bowel disease. Our team consists of registered dieticians who understand how the disease effects absorption of calories and nutrients and who work with patients individually to meet the needs of growing children.
The IBD Center has a staff of experienced research coordinators who work directly with researchers, patients and families to identify research opportunities in which patients may want to participate.
Our team includes patients and parents who partner with us in improving the family experience. Our board assists in communicating with the inflammatory bowel disease community at large and aids us in developing and attaining strategic goals from a family perspective.

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