Intestinal Rehabilitation

An image of a researcher working in the lab.

Clinical Trials

We are committed to understanding diseases and developing ways to prevent or treat health problems.

Research to Improve Patient Care

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s are actively involved in research to understand the outcomes of intestinal failure and to develop or evaluate novel treatments.

Areas of clinical research include:

  • Nutritional and developmental outcomes of infants with intestinal failure and short bowel syndrome
  • Surveillance of long-term outcomes
  • Microbiome diversity in intestinal failure
  • Quality of life impacts on families of children with intestinal failure
  • Novel therapies, including trophic peptides and catheter lock solutions

Basic and translational research includes collaboration with the Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Therapy (CuSTOM) at Cincinnati Children’s. Current projects include using patients’ intestinal stem cells to understand complex functional disorders and develop cellular therapies to treat short bowel syndrome and other intestinal diseases.