The James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence was established in 2010 to dramatically expand our work in transformational improvement.  Cincinnati Children’s has long been committed to providing the best outcomes, the safest care for the children and families we serve, and applying all that we learn through our research right here in our own frontline work. While we have made great progress, ultimately our success is defined by nothing less than being a catalyst for transformation on a global scale. 

In striving toward this goal, the Anderson Center looks both inward and outward.  Within Cincinnati Children’s, the center promotes, facilitates and supports a wide range of improvement initiatives. At the same time, Cincinnati Children’s hopes to be an inspirational model – or exemplar – for others who are beginning or are well along the way on the same journey. 

Named in honor of the former president and CEO who launched us on the transformation journey in 2001, the Anderson Center was created to take Cincinnati Children’s further − and bring others − on the journey toward better care for children.