Liver Care
What to Expect

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at the Liver Care Center

Parents and caregivers want nothing more than to see their child enjoy all life has to offer. At the Liver Care Center, we want kids to be kids. And we're dedicated to providing the care, support, and answers your child and family need to make that a reality.

We're honored to be recognized as one of the top liver care centers in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report. But even more importantly, we're honored to work with so many amazing families and medical professionals. We're here to answer your questions and create a plan just for your child. You'll be able to connect with leading experts in the field of liver care for children and teens—sharing your ideas, hopes, goals, and answering all of your questions as you consider next steps.

We'll know your child and you well before we see you in the clinic. You will speak with our experts several times – even before you're seen. We use those talks to learn about your family, your child's needs, and thoughts about future care. We help provide support for the whole family through their child's health journey—before, during, and long after your first appointment.

Making an Appointment at the Pediatric Liver Care Center

You may contact us directly to make an appointment for your child at the Pediatric Liver Care Center. We don't turn away any family calling for care or questions. Our scheduling team will help make sure your child is connected with the team that's best for them.

Transplant-Related Care

If you're calling to schedule a first appointment or to get a second opinion about liver transplantation, you can contact us at any of the numbers listed above or fill out our online form. One of our referral coordinators will respond to your promptly.

Your child's doctor can also refer you to our center. Simply ask them to contact the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Physician Priority Link®. They should ask to speak to the pediatric hepatology attending on call. We always have one of these experts “on call” or available to speak with your doctor. This line can be used by your child's doctor 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year for urgent and non-urgent referrals.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about transplant-related care.

Pre-Visit Planning Call

Our Liver Care Center Coordinator will call you before your child's appointment. During this call, she will:

  • Gather information about your child's medical and family history
  • Review medical records and ask questions
  • Provide instructions on requesting medical records from your child's doctors and sharing those with our team
  • Let you know if your child needs imaging or testing before their appointment and assist with scheduling. Most often, we are able to coordinate all testing and visits for the same day.
  • Ask what questions you have for your child's care team
  • Share which services in our clinic are the best fit for your child
  • Provide instructions on how to prepare for your child's appointment (if needed)

Please be sure to complete all necessary testing and labs before your appointment. This will allow us to identify the best path forward for your child.

Our team spends time planning for your visit. We'll get together and discuss your child's health history and medical records. This allows our team to be prepared to provide the best experience and outcomes for your appointment.

On the Day of Your Visit to the Liver Care Center

Conditions that affect the liver are often complex and call for care from many different doctors and specialists. We'll work to make your visit with us as easy and efficient as possible. Most importantly, we'll spend the time talking with you and your child about any questions or concerns you may have. We'll also help you prepare for what may come next.

Before Your Appointment

Please keep in mind that our hospital is a big place (Burnet Campus). You may want to arrive about 30 minutes before your child's appointment—15 minutes to park and walk to the Liver Care Center, located on C2 and 15 minutes to check in at the registration desk on C2.

Our liver physicians see patients at these other locations as well. You may choose the location that works best for you - Centerville, Green Township, Liberty Campus, Mason.

Please contact us if you are running late to your appointment.

At Your Appointment

One of the most important aspects of your child's visit is the conversation we'll have together. We're here to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have. We'll also discuss, in detail, the goals you and your child have for treatment. Your child's care team will also:

  • Perform a physical exam
  • Consult with specialists (as needed)
  • Discuss potential treatment options
  • Educate your child and you about these options so you become a partner in your care
  • Share follow-up instructions
  • Discuss opportunities to participate in research, if available
  • Share instructions on when to go to the emergency department (if needed)

We have a specialized team ready to care for your child. Care teams typically include your child's physicians, registered nurses and, often, our liver care registered dietician. You may also meet with members from our research, finance or social work teams, too.

Appointments typically last about one hour but can vary depending on your child's needs.

After Your Visit to the Pediatric Liver Care Center

You will receive an “After Visit Summary” before you leave, which includes important information about your next appointments. Even after you leave, we'll be in constant contact if the care plan changes or if you have a question.

Please reach out to your child's nurse or our program coordinator with any questions or concerns you have between appointments. We're here to help you whenever, however, you need it.