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Comprehensive Care for Minor to Major Liver Conditions

The Pediatric Liver Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s treats children with a wide range of liver diseases. Some conditions can be managed with medication, while others require surgery. Thanks to our highly experienced team and close collaboration with other divisions at Cincinnati Children’s, we’re equipped to manage any liver disease that may affect your child and your family.

Learn more about some of the liver diseases we encounter, and how we treat them.

Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver failure (ALF) occurs when many of the cells in the liver die or become very damaged in a short period of time. ALF has many causes, such as metabolic conditions or toxicity from incorrect dosage of acetaminophen.  ALF can sometimes be treated with medication, if it is identified early, but about half of all children who develop ALF require a liver transplant. Learn more about acute liver failure.

Biliary Atresia

Biliary atresia is a disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. In children with biliary atresia, bile – a liquid that helps the body digest fat – cannot properly drain from the liver. This damages liver cells and can lead to liver failure. Surgical procedures can correct bile flow problems, but the liver disease progresses and requires specialized care to improve growth, development, nutrition and long-term outcome. Learn more about biliary atresia.

Other Conditions

We care for children with a wide variety of liver conditions. Use these links to learn more about some of the more commonly seen liver diseases:




We believe in the family-centered care philosophy and treating the child, not just the disease.

We believe in the family-centered care philosophy and treating the child, not just the disease.

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Facing a Liver Transplant

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