Liver Care Center
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Care Plan

Our experienced hepatologists use state-of-the-art protocols to evaluate patients and begin treatment as quickly as possible. Treatment is personalized, family-centered and designed to improve short- and long-term outcomes.

Comprehensive Consultation

All patients begin their appointment with a hepatologist and a nurse care manager. Depending on the extent and type of disease, patients may also be evaluated by other experts from our team, including a liver surgeon, radiologist, pathologist and dietitian. The goal is to complete the evaluation and develop a treatment plan in a timely fashion.

Treatment Approach

Before a patient’s first visit to our clinic, we conduct a thorough review of past test results and therapies. Our multidisciplinary team meets to discuss the case, identify whether consultations are needed and plan the tests for the initial visit. Our staff then contacts the family and reviews the plan before the appointment.

Our diagnostic capabilities help our team create a step-wise, cost-effective treatment plan. State-of-the-art technologies include testing for errors of bile acid metabolism, thorough screening for metabolic diseases, genetic mutation screening for inheritable diseases of the liver, biopsy interpretation and radiologic imaging.

For children and adolescents with advanced stages of liver disease, our experts will proceed with a timely evaluation for liver transplantation. Our liver clinic and transplant teams work closely to determine the need to place a patient on the transplant list and to implement a comprehensive treatment protocol that minimizes complications and improves post-transplant outcomes.

Conditions Treated

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Facing a Liver Transplant

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