Liver Care Center
Markham Family Award on Liver Diseases / Liver Transplantation

Markham Family Award on Liver Diseases / Liver Transplantation

Goal of the Program

  • To improve patient care by the generation of new knowledge that improves patient care
  • To improve patient care by the development of new diagnostics, biomarkers of disease, and novel treatments

Previous Recipients

Senad Divanovic, PhD
"Pathogenic Potential of Th17 Axis in NAFLD Severity"

Jaimie Nathan, MD
"Intestinal Microbiota in Children with Chronic Liver Disease"

Alexander Miethke, MD and Stacey Huppert, PhD
"FIC1 Disease Modeling Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells"

Current Research:

Read about current studies being conducted in the Liver Care Center. 

New Research Seeks to Improve Treatment of Hepatoblastoma

Expanded study of GPC3 gene looks at ways to stop tumor growth in Hepatoblastoma patients by using patient derived xenograft models (PDX) which mirror the human disease both genetically and in microscopic appearance.
Alexander Bondoc, MD Read More

Research Seeks to Avoid the Need for Transplant in Infants

Cutting edge stem cell technology being used to identify rare mutations in genes related to liver development to avoid the need for liver transplant in young patients.
Akihiro Asai, MD, PhD Read More

New Anti-Rejection Research

Research seeks to identify new anti-rejection therapies by conducting gene and protein expression studies on liver biopsies of patients with late rejection to discover signaling pathways.
Anna L. Peters, MD, PhD Read More


Cynthia Wetzel, PhD
Markham Family Award Program Manager