Nutrition Therapy
Training and Education

A Leader in the Education and Training of Aspiring Dietetic Technicians and Dietitians

Nutrition Therapy at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.The Division of Nutrition Therapy at Cincinnati Children’s is a leader in the education and training of aspiring dietetic technicians and dietitians, as well as other healthcare professionals.

Nutrition therapy provides training for dietetic technician students from Cincinnati State. These students train with dietetic technicians in varied clinical settings.

Dietetic interns from local and long-distance dietetic internship programs can gain experience with one or more of the pediatric dietitians at Cincinnati Children’s. 

Nutrition therapy partners with the University of Cincinnati Coordinated Program in Dietetics and offers an extended, in-depth experience for selected dietetic interns.

Dietitians in nutrition therapy work with physicians who are interested in advanced nutrition training as a component of the pediatric fellowship in gastroenterology at Cincinnati Children’s. Other interested physicians and International medical observers who desire training in pediatric nutrition may also train/shadow with staff dietitians. For more information, call 513-636-4211 Option 3.