The Division of Nutrition Therapy at Cincinnati Children’s provides several services for children admitted into the hospital.

Nutrition Screening, Evaluation, Assessment

Every hospital accredited by the Joint Commission is required to screen all patients for nutrition risk within 24 hours of admission. Patients are asked questions by the admitting nurse to identify potential nutritional problems. 

  • Those identified at potential nutrition risk receive a nutrition evaluation by a dietetic technician or a registered dietitian, and a level of nutrition risk is determined. 
  • High nutrition risk patients are seen by a registered dietitian within four days of admission and receive a complete nutritional assessment and on-going monitoring and care. 
  • Patients identified as low or moderate risk will be monitored throughout their stay and will be seen by a dietetics professional as needed. 

Lactation Consultation

When the admitting nurse identifies a patient as breastfeeding, an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) visits the mother to assess her needs.  If a consult is needed or ordered by the physician, the IBCLC provides a complete lactation assessment and plan.  A lactation consultant continues to monitor the needs of the breastfeeding dyad (the mother and baby) until the infant’s discharge.  

Room Service

The food delivery program at Cincinnati Children’s, named “Room Service,” is designed to improve patient satisfaction and oral intake by providing desired food selections from 6:30 am to 10 pm at the main campus and 6:30 am to 7 pm at the Liberty Campus. The menu is carefully designed and consists of healthy food choices and kid-friendly food items. Patients on specialized diets receive assistance from the clinical staff in the Division of Nutrition Therapy. 

Because of the stresses and anxiety often associated with hospitalization, little impact on diet and lifestyle change takes place when hospitalized. The Room Service menu that each patient receives when admitted has MyPlate guidelines on the back and the MyPlate web address as an educational tool for nutritional guidelines.

Formula Room

To maintain safety and security, specialized formulas for infants and children are prepared in the Formula Room from recipes provided by registered dietitians or dietetic technicians. Formulas are prepared and distributed daily to the patient care units by formula room technicians.