The Autism Intensive Program is a program that includes treatment sessions three times per week, for 60-90 minute sessions, for up to six weeks. Treatment is provided by an occupational therapist (OT), and can address skills such as the following:

  • Motor skills (fine and gross)
  • Visual skills
  • Handwriting
  • Activities of daily living (dressing, self-feeding)
  • Sensory processing
  • Play and leisure
  • Social interaction

The need for further services will be determined by the OT after the program is completed.

Why Choose Us?

OT’s in the program have received specialized training by experts who work with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Children will receive treatment based on the most recent research, clinical knowledge and experience available. We believe early and intensive treatment for children with ASD will provide better outcomes.

Who Can Benefit?

The Autism Intensive program can benefit children who:
  • Are not making gains with a more traditional model of OT
  • May respond positively to an intensive burst of treatment in starting therapy

Children may be referred to this program by their doctor or their current therapist. They must be 2 years of age or older, have a diagnosis of ASD, and be able to participate in the full 6-week program. Children must also be able to participate safely and be medically stable.

Location of Service

Autism Intensive Program outpatient services are offered at our Liberty Campus and Green Township location.