The StarShine Perinatal Program is a compassionate model of support for parents and families whose babies are diagnosed with a condition that is potentially life-limiting. If you have learned that the baby you are carrying has a condition for which the outcome is uncertain, we are here to help.

Family-Centered Care

The StarShine Perinatal Team provides educational and emotional support by working with you and your family to honor your wishes and goals for your baby and family.

Our staff will assist you in talking to your other children about the uncertainty of the pregnancy outcome. We can provide opportunities for memory making throughout pregnancy, at birth and throughout the life of your child.

  • We work with you to develop a plan for your baby’s care during and after delivery.
  • We connect you with community resources.
  • We offer counseling to you and other family members.
  • We assist you with final arrangements when your child dies.
  • We offer bereavement support for at least two years following your child’s death.

Our Perinatal Program Works Closely with You and Your Doctors

Together, we provide expert medical and psychological support and guidance during and after your pregnancy.