StarShine Hospice Program

StarShine’s Hospice Program is for children and young adults whose life expectancy is six months or less. Our Hospice Program is here to help make every moment you have with your child as comfortable and meaningful as possible.

Comfort, Not Cure

The program provides care and support to your child in the final months of life. Our care is not intended to cure your child’s illness, but rather to make the most of your child’s remaining time. We do everything we can to keep your child comfortable and happy. We provide most hospice care in your home, so that your child can be with people he loves, surrounded by things that are comforting and familiar.

What Hospice Care Offers:

  • Care by an expert pediatric medical staff, trained and equipped to meet the special needs of dying children
  • Occupational or physical therapy to keep your child comfortable
  • Assistive equipment such as lifts, beds and wheelchairs
  • Psychological and spiritual support for your child and your family
  • Resources and referrals to ease some of the burdens of daily living
  • Bereavement care for a period of at least two years after your child dies