Clinical Pharmacy

Our team of pediatric trained clinical pharmacists are an important part of your child’s medical care team. Clinical pharmacists work directly with your child’s doctors, nurses, and other health professionals on most inpatient medical care teams and in some outpatient clinics (including cardiology, rheumatology, lung transplant, nephrology, neurology, and complex care). Clinical pharmacists make sure that your child’s medications are being prescribed and used safely and effectively.

If your child is staying in the hospital, a medical care team will meet with you and your child to discuss your child’s progress and plan of care during their stay. The clinical pharmacist is responsible for reviewing your child’s medicine list, the reason for admission, past medical history, laboratory results and other information each day to ensure that medications are managed appropriately and to address and resolve medication related concerns in a timely manner. The clinical pharmacist works closely with your child’s care providers to make sure that medication therapy meets your child’s overall treatment goals. When it is time for your child to go home, the clinical pharmacist works with your child’s discharge coordinator and nurse to make sure your child’s medications are available to be picked up at discharge. They also make sure you understand how to administer the medication at home.

Clinical pharmacists also work with some of our outpatient clinic teams. The clinical pharmacists will meet with you and your child during clinic visits, as requested by your provider, in order to review and monitor your child’s medication therapy and discuss any medication related concerns you may have.

Home Care Pharmacy

Cincinnati Children’s Home Care Pharmacy offers Specialty Pharmacy, Infusion Therapy, and Enteral Therapy services to help you manage your child’s care at home. Home Care Pharmacy services are available to patients living in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, and must be seen and cared for by a Cincinnati Children’s provider.

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Investigational Pharmacy

Cincinnati Children’s is dedicated to improving child health in our community and around the world. Research is an important part of achieving this goal. At Cincinnati Children’s your child may have the opportunity to be involved in a research study. If your child is eligible to participate in a research study that involves study medication, the Investigational Pharmacy Team, also known as the Investigational Drug Service team, will oversee and dispense the study medication. Our Investigational Pharmacy team is responsible for dispensing both inpatient and outpatient investigational medication for industry-sponsored, grant-funded and investigator-initiated protocols. We provide pharmacy services customized to each research protocol conducted at Cincinnati Children’s.

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Outpatient Pharmacy

If your child is being seen at a Cincinnati Children’s facility, you can fill your child’s prescriptions and buy over-the-counter medicines from Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy locations. The Outpatient Pharmacy stocks an extensive line of prescription medications, including hard-to-find pediatric medication formulations.


We accept most major health insurance plans, including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Medicaid. There are some insurance plans that the hospital accepts that the Outpatient Pharmacy does not accept. Please bring both your medical and prescription insurance cards with you when filling a prescription at the Outpatient Pharmacy locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my prescription be transferred to Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy? The Outpatient Pharmacy is not able to receive prescription transfers from outside pharmacies. Let your Cincinnati Children’s doctor/clinic team know you want your prescription sent to Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy.
  2. How do I transfer my Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy prescription to my local pharmacy? Call your local pharmacy; give them the patient’s name, the prescription number, and the name of the medication. Your local pharmacy will then call Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy to get the needed information to transfer the prescription.
  3. Are there products Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy does not stock? The Outpatient Pharmacy does not stock formula, diabetic supplies (test strips and lancets), or medical equipment.
  4. What information will Cincinnati Children’s Outpatient Pharmacy need when I drop off a prescription? The pharmacy team will need the patient’s weight, allergies, demographic information, and the patient’s prescription insurance card. Some health insurance plans have different cards for prescription and medical coverage.
  5. What is a compounded medication? Compound medications are prescription products that are not commercially available.  These medications are specially prepared by our pediatric –trained pharmacy staff. The pharmacy needs 24 hour notice to prepare theses prescriptions.
  6. What is a prior authorization? Some insurance companies require additional documentation from the prescriber before they will approve payment of the medication. If a prior authorization is needed for your medication, the pharmacy team will contact the prescriber. Most prior authorizations are processed in 24-72 hours. We make every effort to get the prior authorization as quickly as possible. The prior authorization turnaround time can vary and is set by your health plan.