The Skeletal Dysplasia Center at Cincinnati Children’s includes a multidisciplinary clinic, where your clinical experience may include meetings with our geneticist, genetic counselor and an orthopaedist, all in the same day. 

Your evaluation typically begins with questions about your personal medical history and family history. Next, the geneticist, orthopaedist or both will conduct physical exam. X-rays or other imaging studies may be ordered and reviewed. Based on  the information gathered during the visit, other tests (including genetic blood tests) are ordered if necessary. This evaluation process provides our team with necessary information to accurately diagnose each patient. The information gained during this process also allows the team to recommend the best follow-up care and provide the best management for each patient. 

After the evaluation, the team members will discuss the best follow-up plan. Our experienced clinicians have knowledge about a range of treatments available to individuals for conditions related to skeletal dysplasia. In some cases, we can offer medical management options for bone and cartilage problems that may lessen or eliminate the need for surgery.        

When appropriate, clinical collaborations with other specialists will be arranged. The Skeletal Dysplasia Center often collaborates with: