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Liberty Campus Sleep Center

The Liberty Sleep Lab has been operating at the Liberty Campus since 2015. The lab is staffed by the same attending physicians from the Division of Pulmonary Medicine that service the main campus. Sleep Studies are performed nightly on pediatric patients on the fourth floor of the Inpatient Unit of the Liberty Campus. The small size of our team and unit allows for personalized care in a suburban setting north of Cincinnati with easy highway access and parking.

Types of Sleep Studies Performed

Diagnostic, CPAP Titration, Parasomnia, Multiple Sleep Latency Test, and Maintenance Wakefulness Test. Learn more about our Sleep Laboratory.

Sleep Clinics

Clinics are held weekly at Liberty on Tuesdays. Read more on our Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorders Clinic page.

Sleep Study Instructions for Caregivers

Learn more about our sleep study instructions for parents and caregivers.


Overnight sleep study patients should go to the main entrance on the first floor to the right of the Emergency Room and cafeteria and take the elevators to the fourth floor. For more information, contact us.

Patients and Families

Visit the Patients and Families section to read patient stories, patient education materials, glossary terms and review related resources.  Read more.