Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative (PTTC)


St. Mary’s Hospital, Evansville, IN

"In 2008, St. Mary’s Level II Trauma Center formed an alliance with the Level I Trauma Center at Cincinnati Children’s. This joint venture has led to improved patient care, multiple educational opportunities and the development of the leading regional trauma system plan in Indiana.

"This collaboration led to St. Mary’s achievement of Level II pediatric trauma verification by the American College of Surgeons — Committee on Trauma and was the first and only Level II pediatric trauma center verified by this alternate pathway. The program is an ongoing experience that defines a new paradigm in pediatric trauma care."

Lisa Gray, BSN, RN, CPN, Director, Trauma Services, St. Mary’s Level II Adult and Pediatric Trauma Centers

 “The PTTC is going to change the way we do trauma care in this country because there aren’t enough pediatric surgeons.  You need to create a bond and bridge with a facility that has the best and Cincinnati is one of the best in the world”

“I think any hospital that wants to be a Pediatric Level 2 trauma Center should jump at the opportunity to work with Cincinnati Children’s”

—  Dr. Bill Millikan-Trauma Director, St. Mary’s Medical Center-Evansville

Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN

“Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative is an invaluable resource for all aspects of pediatric trauma care.” 

– Raymond Cava, MD FACS

Sanford Hospital, Fargo, ND

“The experience at Cincinnati Children’s provided me with additional skills to move forward with simulations in patient care settings.  The importance of this was seen as I observed different teams working together in a variety of settings and this can help influence the changes necessary to improve outcomes.”

– Corey Bennington, System Clinical Education Coordinator-Sanford

“In Cincinnati, we were greeted with the warmest welcome. Alex, Margot, Lynn, and Dr. Falcone were great resources, teachers, and mentors. Thank you so very much for such an incredible learning experience. I returned home with much excitement and many ideas regarding trauma care.

“[Cincinnati Children's] concept of the trauma resuscitation “mental model” is something that I really hope that we can incorporate into resuscitations at our facility. The attending will take a brief pause to give a pt. update, such as, details of trauma, injuries assessed, POC, and then ask if anybody has anything to add.”

– Jamie Lindburg, ED Tier I Nurse at Sanford Hospital

Sanford Earns Level II Pediatric Trauma Verification

Sanford’s road to Level II Pediatric Trauma Center verification began several years ago when the American College of Surgeons identified pediatric trauma as a priority for North Dakota. Sanford Health has been verified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level II Adult trauma center for over 20 years and has always cared for critically injured children as well. 

“Our journey to become a verified Pediatric Level II trauma center has included an ongoing collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital [Medical Center]” explains Deb Syverson, Pediatric Trauma Program Manager at Sanford Health. The additional education, quality improvement efforts, consultative site reviews, trauma simulation training and physician consultation support have culminated in Sanford receiving their official notification this week that they have been verified by the American College of Surgeons as a Pediatric Level II trauma center.

“This verification has helped raise the bar on our dedication to serving the pediatric trauma patient population” said Syverson.

Sanford has been part of the Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Trauma Transformation Collaborative (PTTC) for the past several years and shown excellent dedication in their pursuit of ACS verification. Their commitment to being the “best at getting better” has made them an ideal partner for the PTTC and we are very proud of their accomplishment and dedication to providing the best trauma care possible for the families of Fargo.

The Trauma team from St. Mary's Hospital.
The Trauma team from St. Mary's Hospital.
Margot Daugherty (left), Education Specialist for the PTTC, consults with Mary Frey, RN.