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Cincinnati Children’s is a verified Level I Pediatric Trauma Center and is recognized as an expert in the evaluation and treatment of children who have experienced severe and life-threatening injuries.

Trauma is a public health problem and its management and care require a multidisciplinary team. As the leader of this team, Trauma Services provides important oversight of the care of injured children. Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children’s features several centers and programs when caring for injured children, including:

The foundation of our Level I verification is the multidisciplinary team of specially trained healthcare experts that includes pediatric specialists in emergency medicine, trauma surgery, orthopaedics, neurology, plastic surgery and anesthesiology, as well as nurses, social workers, Child Life specialists and rehabilitation therapists. Time is critical in traumatic injuries.

Cincinnati Children’s is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to care for the most severely injured children. Once the Emergency Department is alerted of impending arrivals, the trauma team is mobilized through an efficient paging system to immediately make ready and receive the patient.

From admission to rehabilitation, the transition along the patient’s journey to recovery is seamless. The trauma team provides expertly coordinated care that focuses not just on the treatment of the injury but also on the emotional needs of the patient and family. The trauma clinic rounds out the continuum of care, providing discharged patients a centralized outpatient program for follow-up care.

A prevailing belief in our society is that childhood injuries are accidents or random events. To the contrary, a growing body of scientific evidence has established that injury is similar to any other disease in that it follows a pattern and is highly predictable.

As part of our commitment to excellence in pediatric care, Cincinnati Children’s has not only embraced the concept of injury as a disease, but also the belief that prevention is the most humane and cost-effective form of cure.

The multifaceted approach toward injury prevention employs the disciplines of education, healthcare, community groups, law enforcement and the media. These disciplines form the building blocks of a solid network of community-based partnerships and programs designed to increase awareness and education. This multifaceted approach allows development of strategies for specific target populations, as well as fostering community involvement and promoting public awareness.

Learn more about Injury Prevention at the Comprehensive Children's Injury Center (CCIC) at Cincinnati Children's.

Trauma Clinic is designed to provide follow-up care to traumatically injured children.

Ideally, patients being referred to the Trauma Clinic have been evaluated either in the Emergency Department or by their primary care physician.

The clinic is staffed by nurse practitioners who specialize in the care of injured children. Our staff treats children injured in a variety of ways, including falls, sports and motor vehicle collisions.

Your child will be evaluated to assess ongoing recovery from his or her injury. All concerns, including pain, wound care, suture / staple removal, return to school / activities and emotional recovery will be addressed.

Based upon your child’s needs, it may be necessary to refer him or her to another specialty service such as sports medicine or pediatric rehabilitation to ensure their safe return to full activities.

Call the Trauma Clinic at 513-636-8556.

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Traumatically injured children may also require input from specialty medical services within Cincinnati Children’s such as: