A photo of Kristin Loiselle Rich, PhD.

Pediatric Psychologist, Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


"In my practice, I believe patients and their families should have an active role in determining their personal treatment goals. I want them to feel empowered so they can continue to use their skills after their care with me has ended."

My Biography & Research


I am a pediatric psychologist who helps children who have serious medical conditions and chronic pain. These include chronic kidney and liver disease and rheumatic conditions such as lupus and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). I also work with children who are having solid organ transplants and patients with chronic pancreatitis undergoing total pancreatectomy with islet auto-transplantation.

I was drawn to my career when I saw the resilience of children while volunteering at summer camps for those with chronic health conditions. I want to support children with behavioral and emotional management for coping with their condition, so they can focus on other important areas of their lives such as school and social relationships.

In my practice, I believe patients and their families should have an active role in determining their personal treatment goals. I want them to feel empowered so they can continue to use their skills after their care with me has ended.

While I use evidence-based treatments, I take a flexible approach to meet the individual needs of each patient. I spend time getting to know them and their families to understand their unique dynamics. I am here to support children and their families at any point in their journey, from diagnosis throughout medical treatment.

In addition to seeing patients, I also conduct research. I am trying to determine what can get in the way of children and families following their prescribed medical regimens. I’m also looking into increasing patient access to evidence-based interventions that promote adherence, by training frontline healthcare providers to deliver these interventions.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis as well as board and card games. I also attend live theater in Cincinnati and travel back home to the East Coast for the beach.

Clinical Interests

Pediatric psychology; coping with chronic illness; adherence to treatment/self-management; transition of responsibility for health care; behavioral pain management; solid organ transplant; cognitive-behavioral therapy

Research Interests

Adherence to medical regimens; dissemination and implementation of evidence-based behavioral interventions; quality of life

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Behavioral Medicine, Kidney Transplant, Liver Transplant, Pancreas Care

Research Divisions

Clinical Psychology

My Locations

My Education

PhD: University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 2014.

Residency: O'Grady Residency in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2013-2014.

Fellowship: Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology/Center for Treatment Adherence and Self-Management, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2014-2016.

My Publications

Caregivers' Barriers to Facilitating Medication Adherence in Adolescents/Young Adults with Solid Organ Transplants: Measure Development and Validation. Cushman, GK; Rich, KL; Rea, KE; Quast, LF; Stolz, MG; Gutierrez-Colina, AM; Eaton, CK; Lee, JL; Mee, LL; George, R; et al. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. 2020; 45:498-508.

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Predicting health care utilization and charges using a risk score for poor adherence in pediatric kidney transplant recipients. Rich, KL; Modi, AC; Mara, C; Pai, AL H; Varnell, CD; Turnier, L; Huber, J; Hooper, DK. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology. 2018; 6:107-116.

Barriers to Adherence in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A Multicenter Collaborative Experience and Preliminary Results. Favier, LA; Taylor, J; Rich, KL; Jones, KB; Vora, SS; Harris, JG; Gottlieb, BS; Robbins, L; Lai, JT; Lee, T; et al. The Journal of rheumatology. 2018; 45:690-696.

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Trajectories of Health-Related Quality of Life Among Children With Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy. Loiselle, KA; Ramsey, RR; Rausch, JR; Modi, AC. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. 2016; 41:1011-1021.