Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapists

As a respiratory therapist, you can change the outcome on many levels when you choose to work at Cincinnati Children's − not only for yourself but for our patient population.

Qualities We're Seeking

We're looking for respiratory therapists who can apply theoretical knowledge to the care of infant, child, adolescent and adult patients. We seek candidates who can demonstrate competence in respiratory skills, problem solving, critical thinking and priority setting, and who recognize the need for professional growth and take appropriate steps towards meeting educational needs.

Respiratory Therapists at Cincinnati Children's

As a respiratory therapist at Cincinnati Children's, you will be expected to maintain a high level of proficiency and competency to function in our interdisciplinary culture, since you will play an active role in the decision-making process of patient care. To accomplish this you will have to maintain annual mandatory education and attend a yearly certification skill session specifically designed for the area in which you are employed.

Our therapists are expected to set the standard for all others to follow. Our staff is actively involved with hospital initiatives such as family-centered care, interdisciplinary plans of care, family education and discharge planning as well as the various intradisciplinary council structures within the Department of Patient Services.

The Respiratory Care Division is very active within its own professional organization, The American Association of Respiratory Care, by presenting topics and research at state and national conferences. We value active involvement in our professional organization and encourage all staff to become and maintain active membership, participating on both local and state level initiatives.

Our therapists have been recognized because of their commitment to seek a change for improvement in both the care and education of our chosen population, children. In so doing, we support involvement with local initiatives such as Clean Indoor Air, Effects of Second Hand Smoke, Healthy Choices, Kick Butts Day and others. These are a few of the many worthwhile causes that our division supports.

Career Development

We have an active divisional council structure that functions on a shared governance model. Respiratory Care is also represented on many hospital-wide committees, Intradisciplinary Practice, Intradisciplinary Education and Intradisciplinary Performance Improvement.

In addition to council involvement, we also offer a clinical ladder program with each "rung" of the ladder representing increased responsibilities and self management along with a salary increase.

Our therapists are charged with patient / family interaction, education and assessment. Therapists spend time educating patients about their illnesses, treatment and prevention strategies. With their unique combination of knowledge and high-tech skill, therapists make excellent community educators on a wide range of topics including the dangers of smoking, asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiolitis and overall wellness.

Want to Know More?

If you think you have what it takes to join our team and would like to learn more about our openings, visit our Careers home page or contact the Respiratory Care Division.