Faculty and Healthcare Educator Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Faculty and Healthcare Educator program staff at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center provides these responses to frequently asked questions:

The mission of the Faculty and Educator Development Program is to promote improved teaching and learning, as well as scholarship, at all levels of medical education at Cincinnati Children's. Several activities are offered in the program:

  • One-hour sessions for residents as part of orientation and periodically throughout the year
  • Annual three-day basic educator development course for faculty and community physicians
  • Annual two-day national / regional educator development workshop for faculty development / medical education faculty
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Medical Education
  • Online Master of Education for Health Care Professionals -- graduate program in medical education for health care professionals

Registration for the Regional Faculty and Healthcare Educator Symposium is handled by Laura Werts, the Faculty Development Program Coordinator in the Continuing Medical Education Office. Please send your request regarding registration or other program details to Laura Werts (laura.werts@cchmc.org), 513-636-1826.

Registration for the Basic Educator Development program is handled by Nicole Snyder, Administrative Assistance, General and Community Pediatrics. Inquiries regarding registration or program details can be directed to Lea at nicole.snyder@cchmc.org or 513-636-4183.

Questions regarding matriculation and enrollment in the Online Graduate Certificate in Medical Education or the Online Master of Education for Health Care Professionals can be directed to Lea Alaee, Program Coordinator, at lea.alaee@cchmc.org or 513-636-4183.

For each annual Regional Faculty and Healthcare Educator Conference, a brochure is designed listing all faculty development activities, along with:

  • Brief program description
  • Information regarding location, date and time of the program
  • Contact names and phone numbers for registration

Multiple copies of this brochure are mailed to interested parties, including department chairs at medical centers for distribution to faculty. Additionally, all program information is listed on this web site. 

Begin by exploring this web site. If you find that you still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact Laura Werts, Faculty Development Program Coordinator (laura.werts@cchmc.org), 513-636-1826 or Chris Peltier, Course Director (chris.peltier@cchmc.org).

Yes. CME/CEU credit has been given in the past. However, for each conference this credit must be applied for, but due to accreditation standards we cannot refer to any activity as having CME/CEU credit until it is formally approved. Since the numbers have varied from year to year, you can get more information from Laura Werts (laura.werts@cchmc.org), 513-636-1826.

There is no CME/CEU credit available for the Graduate Certificate in Medical Education or the Master of Education program for physicians and healthcare professionals.