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Coursework and Attending Class

Frequently Asked Questions - Coursework and “Attending Class”

The Online Master’s Degree Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center provides answers to frequently asked questions about coursework and “attending class”:
For the master of education program, all of our courses are required. Please see the course information page for a list and description of the courses.
Classes are held using Blackboard course management software. This is an online program that is accessed at Once you are accepted into the program and registered for your first class, you will be able to log in and find your class(es). 
Detailed book information will be provided each term with adequate time to purchase your books. All books are available through or other online retailers. 

All of our courses are three credit hours. In a traditional classroom-based course, students are expected to spend two to three hours outside of class for each hour spent in class. This translates to 9-12 hours per week per course. For an online program, the same requirements apply (9-12 hours per week per course), but you are not required to spend time travelling to campus and sitting in a classroom for several hours.

The actual amount of time each student will spend in a particular class will vary, however. Since class discussion takes place in an online discussion board, and information and materials that might be presented orally in a classroom are usually in written format online, both reading and typing speed will affect the amount of time each individual will require. In addition, many people spend more time composing and rewriting written posts on discussion boards than it would take to speak the same thought. Students should expect to spend a significant amount of the required time each week reading and posting in the discussion board.

Some of our instructors use synchronous web meetings for final project presentations or to meet with students in a more personal manner to answer questions and address difficult material. This may require you to be available at a specific time, but this will be communicated by the instructor with enough time for proper planning, and there are typically multiple opportunities and times scheduled to accommodate various schedules.

We understand many of our students are busy professionals who will travel on occasion for professional and personal business. As a result, we encourage our instructors to accommodate special situations. Most students will request advance materials so they can work ahead. Some may need to play catch-up after they return. The most important thing is to communicate with your instructor early and frequently so he or she is aware of your situation and how you would like to complete the work. 

Also, remember that wherever you have an internet connection, you can check in with your class!