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Costs and Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions - Costs and Financial Aid

The Online Master’s Degree Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center provides answers to frequently asked questions about costs and financial aid:

We do not have scholarships, grants, or graduate assistantships available to provide students with tuition assistance. It may be possible to obtain a student loan if you are taking six credits in a term. Contact the University of Cincinnati financial aid office for additional information.


Yes, the program is certified for VA/GI educational benefits. To obtain these benefits, contact the UC Veterans Certification Office at 513-556-6811.

If you will be receiving a benefit that pays the University directly for tuition (Post 9/11 or Yellow Ribbon fund), there is special billing considerations - you must let the program coordinator know what percentage of your tuition will be covered.

Bills are emailed to you by the program coordinator each term. You can either forward the bill to the appropriate person within your institution, or you can ask the program coordinator to email the bill directly. If the invoice must indicate a "bill to" other than you specifically, please let the program coordinator know; otherwise the invoice will be addressed to you.
Yes, you may prepay any amount for any reason, just let us know how much and we will bill you. The amount you pay will remain on your account as a credit that will be drawn down as you progress through the program.

Tuition remission will cover the in-state UC part of the tuition, but not the Cincinnati Children’s part of the tuition or the UC out-of-state surcharge ($15 per credit hour). You will still be responsible for paying the balance to Cincinnati Children’s.

If you are a full-time employee, instructor or faculty member at UC, you most likely to do need to complete a form. If you are part time, you must complete the remission application every term. If you are at Cincinnati Children's or the VA Hospital, you are considered "affiliated faculty," and you must complete a remission application. The application must be received by UC Human Resources prior to the start of the term to ensure it is applied correctly.  The application form and additional information can be found at the UC Human Resources Tuition Remission Benefit page.

You must let the program coordinator know that you have tuition remission so that your payment and billing can be handled correctly,

The Cincinnati Children’s part of the tuition primarily goes to pay the course instructors, who are paid by Cincinnati Children’s, not UC. Any fee revenue remaining after the instructors are paid helps offset some of our administrative costs, including program management, applications, registration, billing and student and instructor support.